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Meet Results

* - Denotes a penalty was applied.

Week 1 LMST at CGST (2024) [N/A]

Week 1 KWC at FSBC (2024) [na]

Week 1 HM at CITY (2024) [N/A]

Week 1 GLEN at FLST (2024) [N/A]

Week 1 GHG at FV (2024) [N/A]

Week 1 FAST and ELKS at LG (2024) [N/A]

Week 1 CBST at ACAC (2024) [N/A]

Week 1 BHSC at FCC (2024) [N/A]

Note: It is generally the responsibility of the home team to provide the information required to generate the meet results. If you are interested in seeing the results, but the information has not yet been submitted, please contact your swim team representative.