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Meet Entries

The links below (when available) will take to a new page where you will be able to download various files that have been provided by the swim team as indicated. You should, at a minimum, find the Meet Manager CommLink Meet Entry File. There may be other files as well, such as a list of Exhibition swimmers, requests by the visiting team for either even or odd lanes, or any other information they may wish to provide. Once on the download page, you can obtain the available file(s) by clicking on the link and saving it to your computer's hard drive or USB Flash Drive:


Team entries folders:


















Meet Format/Setup Files

Please note that each team is responsible for providing their Meet Setup and Roster files Meet Entries Upload page to send the file directly to the JSL server 48 hrs. prior to the scheduled meet (per JSL By-laws). An optional method is to send an attachment via e-mail to: webmaster but this has proved unreliable in the past and using this method is discouraged. Any team submitting their Meet Entry files late is subject to a 50 Point penalty. Delays caused by issues and problems with email does not absolve the team from the responsibility to get the file in on time (hint: use the Upload utility). The deadline for submittal is set for two days prior to the scheduled meet by 9:00 PM.

The Meet Setup file for competing teams will be made available at precisely the same time, and as close to 9:00 PM as possible.

It is suggested that additional/informational files be in Plain Text (*.txt) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf), which can be imported/exported more easily into/out of any standard word processing program. Important Note: Please identify all files by making sure the team name or nickname is included in the file name so we know who it belons to.



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