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An Important Message to the JSL Community

March 12, 2021

Dear JSL Community,

I am writing today with an update on the JSL summer swim season for 2021.

In February, the JSL Board created a COVID committee to research and weigh options for conducting a summer season.  The season will likely not look ‘normal’, but the Board and COVID committee are working diligently to create a viable solution that will enable our children and young adults to be in the water this summer and take part in a safe, fun, competitive swim season.

As of now, we have 16 teams that are planning to participate; Fluvanna (FAST) has declined to participate this season.  We will be voting to approve a 16-team schedule at the next board meeting on April 11.

We are exploring the following options: 1) in-person dual meets with modifications, including limiting the number of swimmers/heats on deck and restricting parents from the deck; 2) virtual scored meets where teams compete simultaneously at their home pools, still with limits of swimmers and parents on deck; and 3) a hybrid of in-person and virtual, where smaller meets may be conducted in-person and meets with larger teams would be virtual, but all conducted during the same week.

One of our biggest challenges in conducting swim meets are the strict gathering limits for recreational sports outdoors, and complying with state, county, and city ordinances. We are awaiting anticipated modifications to these restrictions and will use this information to guide COVID committee and subsequent Board decisions at our next meeting. 

In regard to the JSL Championship, we have been informed that the UVA Aquatics and Fitness Center will be under construction in July, and therefore will not be possible as a venue. We are continuing to explore possibilities and will provide further information in the future.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this difficult situation; we hope to have more information and guidance after our April 11 board meeting.  If your team has not already done so, please consider creating a group or committee to begin discussing how your team will safely conduct meets with any of the above scenarios. Resources have been provided to your JSL representative to help with this planning process.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the pools soon!


Christina Meyer
President, Jefferson Swim League

JSL Executive Committee
Christina Meyer (ACAC), President
Paul Breza (ACAC), Vice-President
Kristin Wray (FCC), Secretary
Jeff North, Treasurer
Chuck Fix (LMST), Past-President